They may start it off by asking a question



I’ve seen some BLM activists being rather anti Semitic and it makes me sad. I’m just used to the mutual respect thing, so I was very surprised to see them having that opinion. I know it’s only some people and not the whole movement, but still. I don’t have to accept their religion for myself to accept and respect them as people and fellow humans.Ms Deeposted 6 years agoin reply to thisYou asked, “Do you ever get into an argument with the militant Christian Fundamentalist groups over this issue?”Well, they try to argue with me, I’ve found. They may start it off by asking a question, and I try to give them a helpful answer. But then I find they are not really interested in a sincere answer and its merits they are not really “knocking on the door” searching for how we can or cannot know the truth of it.

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