Write in Sanders if you want to



Now take this to a team game. I the best hots player ever. Ok, that doesnt matter that much, because I always weighted down by 4 other people who hold up relative to 5 other people. Sacred. Pa Ha Sapa. I remember the guy saying to me, “You guys don make eye contact much huh?” I respond with something like “Yeah I guess we don Guy says, “You know I married a native, grew up near a rez.

best hermes replica handbags In my humble opinion, if you aren in a battleground state, and you know the state already guarantees a Democrat win (West coast, most of the NE, ect) vote whoever the fuck you want. Write in Sanders if you want to. At least there is a chance they will see a blip in the votes outside the main ticket and possibly make some changes. best hermes replica handbags

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The more you polish your leadership skills



what do healthcare appraisers do

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